What is RTEMS?

RTEMS is a realtime operating system with the following major features:


* supports hard realtime

* multiple APIs available, like RTEID, POSIX, ITRON...

* Host systems supported: Linux, Windows NT/2K/XP, Sun, HP-UX...

* full open source

* non-GPL, easy to use license

* for more information, visit the main rtems website


RTEMS Add-Ons Available

* RTEMS consists of its kernel and many add-ons or subsystems. Available subsystems are:

* full networking stack

* filesystem including ramdisk and DOS-FAT

* servers for telnet, http and ftp

* clients for ftp, tftp and other protocols


Our RTEMS Services

* We use and support RTEMS since 1997. Due to our experience we can offer you the following services:

* Basic consulting: evaluate, how RTEMS fits your project requirements

* Development of board support packages

* Installation of development software

* Driver development

* Application and Module development